When you follow the ketogenic diet you will be eating a low carb, adequate protein, and high-fat diet that puts the body into a metabolic state called ketosis. When your body has very little sugar, ketones are made up in your liver that breaks down fat that we store in our bodies. This process is called ketosis. This process will cause you to lose weight. Which is why many people are now following the keto lifestyle.

When your doing the keto diet you will want to keep your carbs as low as possible. I started off at 30 net carbs a day for a weeks then worked my way down to 20 and below. I can now do as little as 9 to 12 carbs a day. By eating healthier veggies and grass fed meats I was able to stay full and most days only had two meals. The weight just started piling off. As always I suggest talking with your physician before changing over to the keto lifestyle.

You will want to track your macros using a app called myfitesspal or carb manger. Download either in the play store on your phone.  I have both. Personally I like myfitness pal better as it will let you put in restaurants so you can see the nutritional value of each item.

Maro's produce fat, protein and carbs. You will want to track these when you set up your app. You should ideally set your macros with the following setting to get into ketosis and stay there. Carb 5% to 10%, protein 25% to 35%, fat 70% to 75%. I keep mine set on 5% carbs, 25% protein, 70% fat. This has keep me stay in ketosis. You will want to track net carbs. Net carbs is total carbs minus fiber and sugar alcohols.

If at anytime you have questions email me at mouthwateringketorecipes@gmail.com. I check my email a few times daily and will answer you right away.

Just remember that with careful tracking, eating the right keto  meals, and practicing self control will help keep you in ketosis. You will lose sugar craving and become more healthy.

Medical Disclaimer

I am not in the medical profession nor am I a nutritionist. This is advise through trial and error. It has worked for me and many people I have consulted with. Doesn't mean everything will work for you. I can advice that it made me lose weight,  completely go off many medications and my over all health and state of mind was much better and clearer. Good Luck.