A nice slice of angel food cake topped with cream cheese and fresh mixed strawberries and blueberries makes a great dessert after dinner.


I try not to eat very much dessert but when I want it I love baking with coconut flour. If you add some Greek yogurt to the mix its moist just the way you would like it. Enjoy this recipe.. 🍰🍰🍰


  • 6 eggs, separate whites from yolks.
  • 1/2 tsp cream of tartar.
  • 4 tbsp of  cream cheese softened
  • 4 tbsp butter melted
  • 4 tbsp coconut flour
  • 5 tbsp Swerve
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract.
  • 8 oz of plain greek yogurt


  1. Preheat oven to 350 F.
  2. Separate the eggs whites and yolks. Put whites in large mixing bowl, being careful not to get any yolk in it. Put yolks in different large mixing bowl and set aside.
  3. Add cream of tartar to egg whites and use a hand mixer or stand mixer on high to whip egg whites. Continue whipping egg whites until stiff peaks form, will  takes a few minutes.
  4. In the  bowl with the egg yolks you set aside add to it the  softened cream cheese, melted butter, swerve, vanilla extract, greek yogurt and  coconut flour. Mix  thoroughly.
  5. Now add the baking soda and mix well.
  6. Next fold in the egg whites with a spatula you mixed earlier. Combine well scraping sides a few times.
  7. Spoon batter into greased non stick cake pan. (I used a 3 x 12 inch round pan) Bake at 325 F for 25 to 30 minutes, or until the top of the cake is browning. (time will depend on your oven so check till it is browning.)
  8. After removing cake from oven let cool for 10 to 15 mints then remove from pan.
  9. Before serving add a cream cheese topping and strawberries and blueberries.

TO MAKE CREAM CHEESE TOPPING- Combine 8 oz of soften cream cheese, 1/4 cup of heavy whipped cream, 1/4 cup of soft butter, 5 tbsp of swerve, and 1 tsp of pure vanilla.

Beat mixture with blender til well combined and fluffy. Chill for 30 minutes to an hour in fridge before serving. Spread cream cheese topping over angel food cake and add fresh strawberries and blueberries

Nutritional Value ( with  berries and cream cheese): Serves 10 :  (slice per serving)

Cal: 139

Carbs: 3.1 g

Fat: 12 g

Protein: 4 g

Sugar: 1 g

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